1st Chance Qualifier Complete! Success!

1st Chance Qualifier 2014 for the 2015 Season!

Held Oct 3-5, 2014 at VVRCF field in Hesperia CA. Co-hosted by VVRCF and Scale Squadron!

The RESULTS!: Qualifying Pilots – Verified today by U.S. Scale Masters Association

Tim Cardin – Advanced Class, 1st Place Score: 182.67 (175 to qualify)
Brad Osborne – Expert Class, 1st Place Score: 185.50 (180 to qualify)
David Lloyd Sr – ProAmPRO, 1st Place Score: 95.17 (90 to qualify)
Carl Lindou – ProAmSport, 1st Place Score: 96.00 (90 to qualify)
David Lloyd Jr – ProAmSport, 2nd Place Score: 92.92 (90 to qualify)
Robert Binkley – ProAmSport, 3rd Place Score: 89.17 (top 1/3 of his class to qualify)

We saw many pilots new to scale competition, certainly not experts, flying the Pro-Am-Sportsman class. With some of their great scores, we’re sure to see them moving up classes soon!

Thank you to every entrant for attending, thank you to every judge for volunteering your time and judging honestly and fairly, thank you to every Scale Squadron Member who worked and attended, thank you to Ronnie Espolt for his leadership and for providing a great lunch at the VVRCF club for this event, and thank you to EVERY VVRCF member for providing such a beautiful field and then for letting us scale-modeling competitors use your field for two days!

Thank YOU to ZAP – HOUSE OF BALSA – for sponsoring the event with pilot-packs for the entrants!

A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Dave and Christie for opening your home to us for a wonderful banquet filled with friendly people, a beautiful hobby work-shop (good thing it was there so I could work on my plane!), and great food! Yet another class touch to a top-notch event.

We hope to see each and every one of you at Gunsmoke Qualifier in Feb 2015 and/or the Hemet Qualifier in April 2015.

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