Award Winners at the 2017 Warbirds and Classics

Thank you to EVERYONE who came out, watched, helped and participated in the 2017 Warbirds and Classics!

I’d like to recognize the winners. Please know these awards were quite subjective and recognize some of the great aircraft that were there. I say some because in truth all of the aircraft out there were spectacular in their own right. And all were flown by fellow modelers who love the hobby and flying scale! Thank you for your participation and passion.

With that said, here‘s our 2017 Award Winners!

Overall Best of Show: the BIG Corsair by Michael Middleton

Best Warbirds:
1st Place: Michael Middleton’s P-47
2nd Place: Jamie Fiffles’ P-38
3rd Place: Larry Staples’ SE-5a
4th Place: Robert Binkley’s Nieuport 28
5th Place: Phil Bland’s DR-1

Best Classics:
1st Place: Jack Duncle and his fleet of 100% Scratch Built Luscomb’s
2nd Place: Gary Glasband’s J-3 Cub
3rd Place: Robert Bayless’ Tigermoth (had it’s 130th flight over the weekend)
4th Place: Rick Marshall’s Super Cub
5th Place: Tom Collins’ Bucker Jungman

Best Electric:
Chris Wolfe and his A7 and his highly modified Kfir

Rookie of the Year:
Matt Grant, this was his first year flying scale with us!


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