December Christmas Party

Dec 10th marked our last Scale Squadron Meeting of 2012.

Mike Greenshields, Commander, with Bill Hart, Long Time Squadron Member

Let me start with some cool stats. We just about maxed out or meeting room with almost 60 people in attendance. About 16 of those people were wives/girlfriends of our members. One was our youngest attendee, Joseph Parks the 3rd, the very cool son of Joseph Parks Jr. We gave out 30 certificates of appreciation to members who voluteered time and effort. We gave away 10 prizes to people who presented their projects or gave presentations throughout the year. It was a drawing because there were actually 25 people throughout the year who collectively presented over 70 different planes or other hobby related items/events over the last year. We even had a drawing for the RC wives who were in attendance, thanking them for letting us “out to play” with our model airplanes. Seems that everyone agreed Bath and Body Works gift bags were a good choice!

What does that mean? It means we have one active scale model airplane club!!!!!!!!

The Party Table Including Honorary Squadron Member from Down-Under Greg Tracy

We had a great time at the December Meeting/Christmas Party, talking, sharing stories, eating TONS of Italian Food, and wishing each other Happy Holidays! Now I hope to see every member at upcoming meetings and events! It’s always great to hang out with the Squadron!

Happy Holidays to every Scale Squadron Member and their families, Thank You! to the 2012 Scale Squadron Sponsors (we have a link list on this website), Thank You! to everyone who made every event and every meeting GREAT!, and a Big Thank You from me, your Squadron Commander, for the honor of holding the gavel at every meeting.

Now go flying! (We’re in CA where we can almost every weekend!)

-Mike Greenshields


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