Newsletter Posted, Don’t Miss Tonight’s Meeting!

Hi All

1st, The Newsletter IS POSTED

2nd, General Meeting is tonight. Expect updates on the Fly-In, Updates and available FF Planes for the Aug Free Flight Contest and Dinner Party, and a good Show-n-Tell. Please bring out your plane, project, tech question, etc to the meeting tonight. There will also be an RCX overview, and perhaps a KWIK glue presentation by Mike Greenshields (ME) if there’s time.


3rd, The OCMA field improvements are done, the field is awesome, and we hope to have an update on this from Tim Cardin at tonight’s meeting too! And if you haven’t been out there, you should contact Tim or another OCMA member and get out there to check it out. IF you’ve previously held back joining due to the old pet-mat or other field conditions, it’s time to reconsider. What the board at OCMA has done for that field is simply spectacular!

We hope to see you tonight with your latest project for Show-n-Tell!



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