OCMA Meeting Report from March 19, 2013

This is a report from the OCMA Board Meeting from March 19. 2013

Good news for all you flyers. The event “Lightning in a Bottle” has been canceled by the City of Irvine. The event was held over the Memorial Day weekend and drew a very large crowd. This crowd was mostly made up of tie-dyed flower children that camped and parked on our flying field. The city of Irvine canceled this event due to the potential for having problems. These means that we should all take advantage of the opening and enjoy the Memorial Day weekend out at the field.

Tim Carden, our OCMA President, has fixed the new mower. The new part did not go back into the mower as easily as hoped. The new shaft needed to be sanded down a bit so that it would fit. Now that it is back up and running Tim has mowed down a good portion of the weeds around the field.

The OCMA board has been searching for a contractor that would work with the poly pavement material to resurface the runways and pit areas. They were unable to find anyone willing to work with this material anymore. Tim Albright was however able to find a contractor that is working with a newer biodegradable material called E-3. This material is newer technology and will hopefully stand up better to our wear and tear. The contractor has never worked with the E-3 and Poly Pavement together. They are unsure if the new material will bond to the old material. Because of this they are willing to do a free test on the Helli pad to find out how the two interact. Depending on the outcome of this test the contractor will give us a bed on finishing off the airplane runway and pit area. I will keep you up-to-date on what they discover.

The T-28 races are really starting to pick up speed. (editor – Pun Intended?) If you haven’t come out to see them you’re really missing something. The next race will be held on Saturday, April 13. Do yourself a favor and come out and get involved.

Spring appears to be kicking into gear. Plan on coming out to the field and enjoying the good weather and great flying.

I wish you all well and happy flying.

Randy Wilbur
Scale Squadron OCMA Delegate

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