R/C Hobby Huge Hit With OC Youth!

The OC Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa CA hosts a Fair-Like event directly at families with children. It is called the “Youth Expo” and is filled with activities and events that are family friendly and fun for the kids (maybe the kid in all of us).

For the 2nd year now, the Scale Sqaudron has hosted an event to show kids (and Dads) about this great hobby. Joni W from our club has lead this event and worked hard to open it up to other clubs. It’s now a cross-club event between the Harbor Soaring Society and Squadron members.  Both clubs worked hard to make this event a success and indeed it now is. The booth was busy all weekend long and with demo’s and decorations from both clubs, it presented the hobby in a great family-friendly way.

We’re proud to be a part of a great event that gives back to the community and maybe raises awareness about R/C hobbies!

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