RCX 2016 Battle of the Builders Winners!

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RCX Battle of the Builders 2016

Winners List

(note: we included some websites where you might find more information about the full-size aircraft that inspired some of these models)


1 – Frank Migliacio – Hellcat

An Iconic model, this aircraft has flown at Top Gun and is a real show stopper. Frank purchased this airplane built. The builder is famous for building TOP Gun competition aircraft . Mr. PJ Ash!


2 – Ed McCormick – P-51D

Built from a Top Flite kit, Ed spent many hours documenting the details of the real P-51D from panel lines and hatches to its markings, all the research shows in this highly detailed model.


3 – Brian Young – Hawker Typhoon (Tiffy)

Built from Jerry Bates plans, this Hawker will be a top-competitor and performer once finished. Many modifications have gone into the model to make it more accurate.



1 – Tim Cardin – T-50 Bobcat

A Kit bought used at Scale Masters a couple of years ago, this T-50 will be making its 2nd appearance at TopGun 2016


2 – Larry Klingberg – Church Midwing Racer

Built by scratch from original drawings, this model has a great scale detail and took a lot of research to complete.


3 – Larry Klingberg – Kellett Autogiro KD-1B

Scratch built, this Kellet Autogiro has been in Larry’s stable for some time, perhaps the most unusual entry at RCX this year.


Best Detailed ARF

1 – Tim Cardin – P-47

Completely stripped and re-shaped/re-covered from a Horizon ARF

2 – Joe Trama – P-51D

Added panel lines, scale markings, cockpit, to a Horizon ARF

3 – Scott Whyte – Hellcat

FMS Foam model re-painted to show all panel lines and weathering

Stick & Tissue

1 – Scott Whyte – Piper J-4E

Want to improve your building skills and have some comparative instant gratification? Build one of these great Rubber Band scale models from Dumas.


Thank you to RCX, all of the attendees who stopped by and checked out all the cool aircraft, all of the volunteers that help man the booth, and a BIG BIG Thank you! to all of the people who took the time to bring a model to put on display!




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