RCX Battle of the Builders Winners

RCX and AirAge’s Battle of the Builders, organized by Scale Squadron has just wrapped up last night, and once again, it was a HUGE success!

We’ll get pictures posted soon. Today we’d like to post the winners!

Best Military Aircraft Built from Scratch or Kit

1st Brian Young-  P-47D Razorback

2nd Wayne Spani – SE-5a

3rd Joe Trama – Hell Cat

Best Civilian Aircraft Built from Scratch or Kit

1st Tim Cardin Cessna – T-50

2nd Larry Klingberg – Sikorsky S-35

3rd Sanny Odulin – Taube

Best Detailed ARF/ARC
1st Tim Cardin – P47 Bubble Top (Hangar 9)
2nd Ed Kmett – Zero (VQ ARF’s)
3rd Paul Lee – SBD Dauntless (VQ ARF’s)

Best Stick & Tissue (FF or R/C)
1st Steven Penn – SE-5a (Rubber powered converted to R/C)
2nd Larry Wolfe – Stinson (Rubber powered FF)
3rd Ed McCormick – P-40 (Rubber powered FF)

Best Staged Aircraft (Diorama)
Dave Morales – Stuka with Ground Support Equipment, Crew and Jeep

RCX Excellence In Scale
Larry Klingberg
We’d like to thank RCX, AirAge, and Model Airplane News for their continued support of R/C and Scale Modeling! We truly enjoyed the Battle of the Builders and speaking with all of the RCX Attendees!
The Battle of the Builders could not happen without the volunteerism of all of the Scale Squadron members!
Thank you to the members who brought planes or volunteered to help make the Battle successful!
List of Volunteers and participants both from the Squadron AND Other clubs too!!! (in no particular order, everyone pitched in and helped!)
Sam Wright, Tim Johnson, Ed McCormick, Jerry Thompson, Ed Woodson, Joe Trama, Steven Penn, Larry and Rose Klingberg, Tim Cardin, Gordon Truax, Tom McNichols, Frank Miggliacio, Paul lee, Sanny Odulio, Wayne Spani, Brian Young, Ed Kmett, Wayne Spani, Larry Wolfe, Mike Greenshields

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