Special July Meeting- Honoring Col Robert Thacker

Photo Jul 11, 7 17 49 PM

Presentation of the Quilt of Valor to Colonel Robert Thacker (2nd from right), Also shown Presenter Curtis Kitteringham from US Scale Masters (left), Larry Wolfe (previous Quilt of Valor recipient – 2nd from left)), and on the right Sam Wright Club President.

Photo Jul 11, 7 10 37 PM Photo Jul 11, 7 16 28 PMThacker-QuiltOPT Photo Jul 11, 7 17 55 PM July’s Squadron Meeting drew a packed house for a summer meeting as we gathered for a special occasion.

On this day we honored Robert E. Thacker, Colonel, US Air Force (retired) and demonstrated our appreciation for his service with a “Quilt of Valor.” Presented by US Scale Masters Director, Mr. Curtis Kitteringham.

Please take a look at the detailed overview Curtis and the volunteers at Quilts of Valor wrote up to honor the Colonel. It shows an extreme dedication to service that most would aspire to achieve. Col Thacker truly is a patriot to our country.


We should add that Colonel Thacker is an amazing scale modeler with decades of experience and untold thousands of hours spent dedicated to the hobby. He is an AMA Hall of Fame inductee and recognized world wide for his many hobby achievements. You can still see him at major Jet events flying unbelievably beautiful aircraft. As that time of this presentation, Colonel Thacker is 98 years old.


The Scale Squadron is blessed to have such amazing people associated with the club. In our pictures along with the Colonel you can see Curtis from US Scale Masters, Larry Wolfe (another AMA Hall of Fame Inductee and Industry leader representing Jet Hangar Hobbies, Larry also received a Quilt of Valor from Curtis at a previous meeting!), Sam Wright Industry leader and long-time announcer for Top Gun and many other top-level Hobby events, along with two more hobby industry representatives from Remote Control Hobbies and Hobby People, and they are accompanied by a long list of current and former Top Gun Pilots and US Scale Masters top-level competitors. Indeed everyone at every Scale Squadron meeting loves the hobby and is passionate about scale model aircraft. This meeting was no different.


We are honored to have them all be associated with, and participating in our dedicated scale modeling R/C club. Thank you to all who participated at this meeting and all who participate in our hobby every day, pushing forward the joy and splendor of Scale Model Aviation. And thank you Curtis for giving us all a chance to honor and show our respect to (in his own words) “The Old Colonel”!



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