Warbird Event – Sat Night Event Added!


for our 10th Annual Warbirds and Classics Scale event at OCMA June 10-12 2016!

Sat Eve, June 11, at 5pm, just before the banquet, we will hold a

Free Flight Mass Launch!

Rules – Must be a Rubber Powered Aircraft

Must be a Free Flight (no R/C assist, etc)

Must have at least some construction from wood.

No size limitation, no prop or rubber limitation. Whether it’s a toy Guillow’s, a Scale Dumas kit, or a huge high-performance model, or anything in between… if it’s rubber powered and free flight, bring it out! Entry is free!


Registration is still open for Warbirds and Classics! So sign up now at rcflightdeck.com!

(One last thing.. If you’re entered in the Warbirds and Classics event, remember you must have a fire-extinguisher in your pit area!


See you there!

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