Warbirds and Classics-2021 Huge Success – See you in 2022. Date Time TBA

Information from Warbirds and Classic 2021

The country is opening up and so are we! Warbirds and Classics 2021 is set for Aug 6-8 2021! Irvine, CA.. just off Santiago Canyon Road, just a stone throw’s from Irvine Lake.

Stay Safe and Get Your Plane Ready!
See you all soon! AMA SANCTION 11856

Pre reg is closed, please regisster at the event – cash and check is accepted on site, cc processing is not available due to lack of connectivitity

Event Location:

OCMA Field
5305 Santiago Canyon Road
Follow Blue Diamond Road/Haul Road to the end
Field GPS Coordinates:
33deg 46’18.07 N
117 deg 41’52.79 W
Go to the OCMA Website for Directions and Field Information (CLICK HERE!)

Pilots – Don’t Forget, there are a few requirements!

-Current AMA Required! This is an AMA Sanctioned Event!

-No Turbines. Sorry, they are not approved for use at our field, per Orange County Parks

-Parking is remote.

You must have a fire extinguisher in your pit area. If you have it, bring more than one and the biggest ones you have. We want to be 100% prepared!

-No Open Flame! This is a high-fire-danger zone. So no Grills, no open flame, no fires, etc.

-Scale heli’s are ok, but must fly the pattern and fly from the runway. But seriously, we love scale helis!

-No Drones. While OCMA is a 100% drone-friendly field during normal use, for this event, it’s scale flying model aircraft only.

-If flying glow or gas, NO DRIPPING on the pit or runway surface. You must catch/recycle fuel! NO SPILLS!

-OCMA REQUIRES proper FAA registration marking on your plane.

Pics and Images from Previous Events!