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Scale Squadron of Southern California

Welcome We are a scale R/C (radio control) model aircraft club dedicated to the advancement of scale R/C modeling. Whether it’s jets or warbirds, gas/nitro or electric powered, we model it scale to the full size airplane! It is our goal to grow and share this great hobby.


Squadron Facebook Page

Hi Everyone!


We have some new life over on the Scale Squadron Facebook page. New photo galleries, new information, and comments from modelers. Facebook is great because it is so easy to interact with other modelers. You should check it out! If you’re already on Facebook, be sure to like the page and share it with your friends! Invite them to like our page too!

Scale Squadron Facebook Page. Click Here!

The August FF Contest is less than a month away! Aug 11! Mark the Date!


Rubber Power Squadron Battle

Date: August 11 (Replaces August Meeting)

Where: Hobby People Warehouse (behind FV Store). Pacific and Ellis, Fountain Valley

Time Schedule:

Open Flying and Registration: 5pm to 7pm

Contest Starts: 7pm. Ends when we’re done.

Food/Snack/Refreshments Will Be Served!

Contest has 3 parts.

  1. Static Scale, Any Size under 35” span. Must be stick/tissue type Build. Can be R/C, but of “rubber” power origins.

  2. One-Design Rubber Flight. Guillows Cadet or any rubber plane of that size/spec (Approx 15” or smaller.) Plane can be smaller, but cannot be bigger. Must be rubber powered. Must be free flight. All modifications allowed as long as it does not get bigger. Add polyhedral, parasol, etc. to your liking. This is a flight endurance event.

  3. Open Rubber Flying Contest. Any Rubber powered plane you think you can fly in the little warehouse. About 50×80 with `25 foot ceiling.

This is an event for Scale Squadron Members and those invited by Members. If you are not a member but want to attend, please contact Mike ASAP!

Event Coordinator – Mike Greenshields email: mikegreenshields@gmail.com