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We are a scale R/C (radio control) model aircraft club dedicated to the advancement of scale R/C modeling. Whether it’s jets or warbirds, gas/nitro or electric powered, we model it scale to the full size airplane! It is our goal to grow and share this great hobby.

RCX Battle of the Builders

RCX Battle of the Builders

Hi Everyone

RCX is only a month away. And as I said at the meeting, it’s time to get signed up! Get your friends signed up too (remember, this is open to anyone, not just Squadron Members!!!)

A few things…

1. RCX has expanded their area for the “BATTLE”  so we need every
member to bring at least 1 plane, 2 would be great.

See attached floor plan

2. Please PREGISTER! To do so, sign up at RCFlightDeck.com as a pilot,
and then go to the Battle of the Builders Event and register your plane.
To Register at RCFlightDeck
Go to their website
Then in the upper right hand corner, look for the small gray box that says
“Pilot Sign Up”.

Click on that and a box will pop up. Fill it out and
you’re now registered at RC Flight Deck. It’s that easy.

Then go to the Battle of the Builders Event
Battle of the Builders Sign Up Page
On the right, there are two boxes. One for “individual Sign UP”. That’s
where you pre-register to enter your plane in the event.

Everyone should register!

3. Volunteers to setup, tear down, and work the booth:
Once you’ve signed up at RCFlightDeck you can also sign up to
The next box under Individual sign up is “Volunteer Sign-Up”. Click on
that and it will walk you through volunteering to work the booth. There
are times, etc all laid out, ready to go. Just put your name where you
want to work. It’s that easy!

All volunteers and registered pilots will get free admission.

Parking is 7 dollars.

Note about Setup Day:

Setup and event registration at RCX is Friday May 16, 12 to 5. Volunteer shift
says 11 to 4, but figure on 11 to 12 to start and 4 to 5 to finish if
all  goes well.
Further instructions and details will be given out at a later time.

5. Pre-Purchase extra tickets. Want to bring your neighbors, friends, relatives? No problem, you don’t have to stand in line. You can get presale tickets in advance. RCX Pre-Sale Tickets Here!

If you have questions on how to use RCFlightDeck, contact Chris
Greenshields. He IS the RCFlightDeck expert and official rep.

If you have questions about RCX or Battle of the Builders, please
me. mikegreenshields@gmail.com

-Mike Greenshields
Squadron Event Coordinator


Newsletter for April is Posted

April News is Posted. Don’t forget about the changed location for the April 14th Meeting!

April Squadron Newsletter HERE!

Alternate Meeting Site - April 14 Meeting ONLY

Due do a scheduling conflict, we are not meeting at our normal clubhouse!!!!

The April 14, 7pm Meeting will be at:

Green Valley Family Clubhouse located at 10739 Los Jardines West. 

This property is on the south side of Slater at Los Jardines West.  There are a few parking places in front of the clubhouse/office and two other side streets in the rear of the clubhouse where the pools are located.  Those streets are La Alondra and Sacuillo and you turn left off Los Jardines to enter both streets. There is plenty of parking at these two side streets and you can enter the clubhouse grounds from the side streets mentioned.  The meeting times are the same time.

OCMA Opens Saturday April 12 at 7:00AM

The field will officially open this Saturday @ 7:00AM, additional pictures on http://www.flyocma.com


The new surface is still very tender. It will be curing for the next several weeks. Picnic tables will be secured on the parking lot side of the rail road ties temporarily until it has cured sufficiently to support them.


Chairs have a tendency to stick and damage the surface when moved especially when it warms up. Please do not use your chairs in the pits these first couple weeks. Chairs will be allowed when the tables are moved back into the pits. For now, set your chairs on the parking lot side along with the picnic tables. Sun Shades are allowed, anchors are in place now.



Newsletter for March 2014 is Posted!

The Scale Squadron of Southern California March 2014 Newsletter is Posted!

There’s Tons of Great Stuff in this Month’s Edition!

Battle of the Builders Info

RCX Info

Warbirds and Classics June Fly-In Info

Articles, Sale Flyers, Updated Sponsor List, and More!

Download the Newsletter Here!