Warbirds and Classics 2016 – And the Award Goes To:

Warbirds and Classics 2016 had “maxed-out” pilot entries numbering 72!

With that we saw over 150 beautiful scale aircraft from 5 states! So, picking winners was no easy feat. However, in the eyes of our panel of secret judges these pilots and aircraft stood out both in terms of their scale beauty and in terms of these participants dedication to the promotion of scale flying model aircraft!

Here are pictures and a detailed list of the awards and winners.


IMG_6795_DxO IMG_6800_DxO IMG_6794_DxO IMG_6793_DxO IMG_6792_DxO IMG_6791_DxO IMG_6790_DxO IMG_6801_DxO IMG_6786_DxO IMG_6787_DxO IMG_6788_DxO IMG_6789_DxO

Michael Middleton Best of Show – BIG P47
Phil Bland Winner – 1st Place Classic – Ercoupe
Brad Osborne 2nd Place – Classic – Taylorcraft
Dave Lloyd 3rd Place Classic – Rearwin Speedster
Norm Redenshek Winner 1st Place Warbird
Keith Hedge 2nd Place Warbird – Percival Provost
Jamie Fiffles 3rd Place Warbird – Corsair
Brian Werner A4 Best EDF Jet
Ken Rhoads Best Detailed Arf – PC6 – US Army
Larry Staples Best WWI – 50% SE-5a
Panno Coromelas Commanders Award for supplying a spectacular PA system! (RC Hobbies, Orange, CA)
Tyler Pandas Rookie of the Year – Yes, that’s right, we had several younger pilots all making the old guys look bad!

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