Warbirds and Classics Update – Asphault Runway is a go!

The OCMA field where we have the even is excited to announce the runway is in the installation process. We will be flying on a brand new, top of the line, asphault runway!

OCMA has the installation permit and go-ahead from OC Parks to resurface the runway!!!!

The beginnings of installation started today, Wednesday and should be done Thursday or Friday if all goes well. That means there’s even time to adjust if the weather becomes a problem, etc.

The company doing the install is a top-notch, proven company with a long history of success. And, they understand unique environments (like R/C racetracks for example) so doing what is necessary at our field is very much in their wheel house.

Expect updates and pictures posted as soon as it is complete.

THANK YOU OCMA BOARD for your dedication and hard work to get this done.

Now’s the time, get pre-registered and reserve you spot today!

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