Warbirds and Classics Updated Flyer 2

Hi Everyone. Just a quick note that we’ve updated our event flyer. Just a reminder about a couple of things.

  1. The pilot registration comes with lunch sat and sun, breakfast coffee and donuts, and the Friday Night Mixer. Pretty good value all told.
  2. The Saturday Night Banquet is going to feature a guest speaker. More about that soon.
  3. We do have some rules. You have to be an AMA member, and you have to have your FAA number on your plane. I know this can be frustrating but… It’s a county requirement and we’re on county land by the grace of the County. So, there are rules we must abide by.

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2 thoughts on “Warbirds and Classics Updated Flyer

    • mikegreenshields Post author

      Greg, Of course we are considering what to do. The event will only happen on those dates if the County Parks and Health Dept approve. Otherwise we will postpone to a date approved. If it’s safe, we’d love to have the event then. A nice weekend to finally get out of the house. But if that’s not safe, then we’ll of course postpone until it is. A decision one way or the other will be made soon. -Mike